Thursday, March 31, 2011

31-Mar-2011 AM clippings


Chapman Tripp and its allies are casting FUD at New Zealand's upcoming ban on software patents. The MED is not impressed:

Two more Registration Authorities have had their SSL signing keys compromised. Web of trust fail:

Acer lines up a dual-screen tablet PC as Microsoft waits for the tablet fad to pass:

The first commercially viable nanogenerator, a flexible chip turning body movement into power, is shown to the American Chemical Society:

And finally. Atomic wristwatches go out of kilter all over Japan. Not from radiation; the radio sync transmitter is 16 km from the Daiichi:

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Monday, March 28, 2011

28-Mar-2011 AM clippings


Microsoft seeks US state laws requiring customers of companies that use pirated software to pay the penalty (proprietary s/w only):

Rumours abound that Amazon is about to release its own Android tablet, and ebook makers start to turn to Android too:

An attacker broke into the Comodo Registration Authority (RA) based in Southern Europe and issued fraudulent SSL certificates:

The first processor is printed on a sheet of plastic. Well, two sheet. One for the CPU, one for the code:

And finally. What do you do if a grizzly attacks you while you're stoned? Why, you claim ACC of course:

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

23-Mar-2011 AM clippings


The UK prepares to introduce a national IP blocking system in the name of preventing piracy of movies and music. For now:

A look at the new features in the recently released Firefox 4 web browser:

A new 3D nanostructure for lithium and NiMH batteries allows very rapid charging - an electric vehicle in 5 mins if you have the amps:

Quantum computing should hit the magic 10 qubit level this year. That's where it starts to surpass some standard computing techniques:

A discussion with a scientist who is actually building things atom by atom and his take on when it will be possible to make machines:

And finally. A facebook app that peels the clothes off people in your friends' pictures. Works with guys, girls and sad people:

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

22-Mar-2011 AM clippings


NZRise is formed from a group of New Zealand IT firms as a non-profit organisation to promote home-growm IT expertise:

The US is designing surveilance robots that know how to hide from human sentries. No news on the counter-surveilance robot yet:

Ars Techinca asks why the web is not using the HTTPS protocol by default, rather than only for shopping carts? :

Nanotchnology promises low-power CPUs and is touted ans making mobile phones last longer. But call time is related to transmit power:

And finally. A shipwreck in The Pirate Bay as the user database is compromised and used to send out spam. Again:

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

26-Jan-2011 AM clippings


The Australian decision to use Microsoft OOXML as a standard fromat is reopened, and comprehensively dismantled in the comments below:

Latvia announces that all Government departments must accept documents written in ODF format, as part of a Europe-wide programme:

British police are caught posting messages to incite violence and illegal activity on independent open media bulletin board sites:

Free Openframeworks workshop to be held in Auckland on Thursday 27th January @4pm, Auckland University of Technology:

And finally. An exclusive interview with that most controversial celebrity in qwertydom, Caps Lock:

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Friday, January 21, 2011

21-Jan-2011 PM clippings


Two NZ Open Source companies make the CIO list of those thriving on disruptive change; Ingress and Catalyst IT:

Twitter is sued for violating a patent on letting famous people talk to mere mortals: sumbits a 30 page report and 12,000 complaints from Australian Vodafone users to the Australian watchdog committees:

The first "dead drop" appears in NZ. Basically it's a USB stick cemented into a wall for people to share files through:

And finally. How to build a toaster from scratch, as in ore, oil etc. I prefer the fire & fork method myself, but here's to hi-tech:

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

13-Jan-2011 AM clippings


Welcome to the 2011 season of Clippings. Happy New Year!

Catalyst IT starts a pilot "Academy" in Wellington to boost the number of students with skills in Open Source systems:

France follows suit, announcing plans to make Paris a centre for Open Source software development to boost economic growth:

World-wide protests planned on the 15th January in defence of WikiLeaks and our freedom of expression:

Sony starts shutting CD outlying plants as downloading starts to bite into the sales of physical media:

Google's Chrome and Opera to end support for H.264 in favour of open codecs for HTML5 video. Apple holds back:

And finally. Using outside air-cooled PCs in the home to do your little bit for the environment:

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