Thursday, August 21, 2008

21-Aug-2008 AM clippings


A number of first-generation iPod nanos have been spontaneously
combusting. So far no serious damage caused:

The Taiwanses Consumer Federation says Microsoft is abusing its
monopoly power in forcing Vista on users who largely prefer XP:

Microsoft to make it easier to move server applications from one
server to another as virtualisation picks up:

Palm accidentally releases its flash presentation for the upcoming
Treo Pro mobile handset. Details & specs here:,2704,2328275,00.asp

HP Also get the details of their forthcoming Inspiron 910 mini laptop
leaked. Looks like up to 16GB SSD, 1GM RAM max and Ubuntu Linux:

The US is now stuck with a huge inventory of flawed electronic
voting machines. Manufacturers offer US$1 a piece for them:

Rumours that Nvidia is about to launch an x86 chip. Possibly related
to recent news that they have licenced technologies from Transmeta:

And finally. If you've not done so before, meet Emily. She's a
virtual actor who not only looks real but behaves real:

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