Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Clippings for Tuesday 12th August 2008

Clippings is dragged screaming and kicking into the 21st century and now has a blog with an RSS feed:

Richard Stallman, the creator of the GPL, is interviewed on Radio NZ by Kim Hill on a variety of freedom-related topics. OGG and MP3 audio:

A video of the HTC Dream, a mobile phone powered by Google's new Android phone OS, shows orientation sensor and qwerty keyboard:

You can watch the Olympics under Linux. Instructions here:

The venerable PHP4 HTML embedded scripting language reaches its scheduled end-of life. 3rd Party support to continue:

The OpenGL 3.0 specification is announced at SIGGRAPH. Developers are reported to be significantly underwhelmed:

Following Intel's recent chip branding announcement, AMD Promises to improve the way it makes chips. Doesn't quite say how:

And finally. US Courts issue an order preventing the presentation of an MBTA e-ticketing system hack - the court order shows how to do it!:

News collated from various sources by Vik Olliver for Diamond Age Solutions Ltd. The views presented in this document are the personal opinion of the collator, and should not be taken as any more than that.

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Tristan said...

Nice to see the Blog open, so I'll be the first to say congrats on your new mode of communication.

Cheers Vik and Suz.