Friday, August 8, 2008

Clippings for Wednesday 6th August 2008

Delta Airlines are to fit 330 aircraft with WiFi hotspots, and now have to explain why it is now safe to use transmitters in aircraft:

Will an increase in the number of GPS-enabled cellphones cause gamers to stampede around the streets? It's one way to exercise:

Toyota bring out their own version of the Segway called Winglet:

11 People are charged in the US for the theft and distribution of 40 million credit card account details:

And finally. The most creative use of a Tesla coil to date. The Tesla Coil Guitar Amp:

News collated from various sources by Vik Olliver for Diamond Age Solutions Ltd. The views presented in this document are the personal opinion of the collator, and should not be taken as any more than that.

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