Wednesday, September 3, 2008

03-Sep-2008 AM clippings


Google's Chrome browser is released, designed to spice up the web browsing experience. Of course, the Linux version is lagging behind:

Google signs a deal to get the images from the GeoEye-1 satellite, set to launch from California in the next week:

The island of Niue gets the world's first 100% saturation of students with OLPC XO laptops:

Not long after Richard Stallman's visit to NZ, the GNU project celebrates its 25th brithday:

Photos of the HTC Dream, touted as the world's first phone to natively run Google's Android phone OS:

Toshiba bring out a pocket LED projector weighing 100 grams but outputting 10 lumens of image:

Magnetically-guided silicon microgrippers are shown my MIT that can be steered around your insides and then triggered to collect biopsies:

And finally. Australian sprinters do a 100m dash in 3-inch heels. The prize? A$5,000 and a pair of gold stilettos:

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