Wednesday, September 10, 2008

10-Sep-2008 AM clippings


The London Stock Exchange goes offline for 7 hours during frantic trading. Suspicion is its .NET-based system choked with high volumes:

Mark Shuttleworth announces Ubuntu 9.04 will be called Jaunty Jackelope, and will have as its mascot a warrior rabbit:

Google to digitise millions of old newspapers and make them available online. The hard part is sorting out who gets the advert revenue:

Tech Report reviews Intel's entry into the SSD market, and it's fast:

A sneak peek at OpenOffice 3.0, with link to installables:

A new variant on the RepRap 3D printer is capable of printing objects from files on an SD card without the use of a PC to drive it:

Plastic Logic is introducing a full-size ebook reader that will work with existing document formats:

And finally. Here's a look into the toolbox needed when you go up to repair the Hubble Space Telescope:

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