Wednesday, October 8, 2008

08-Oct-2008 AM clippings


Judith Tizard explains - or rather, dictates - why the new copyright act includes the controversial "guilty until proven innocent" clause:

GeoSmart launch a competition to boost the takeup of LBS positioning on mobile devices in New Zealand:

The U&K security forces pay UKP1 billion for a system to intercept every e-mail, SMS and web hit made in the UK to track interactions:

10 Power-saving myths from the datacentre busted:

AMD Announces that it will split into design and fab companies, and receive US$6 billion from two Abu Dhabi investors:

Ausustek's low-priced laptops such as the Eee PC seem to be doing well, and with less money around cheaper laptops get more popular:

And finally. Slow-motion microphotography captures a fungus firing spores with an incredible 180,000 g's of acceleration:

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