Monday, October 13, 2008

13-Oct-2008 AM clippings


Judith Tizzard erroneously suggests the IT industry failed to consult over the Copyright Act. Is her memory as bad as Winston Peters'?:

New Zealand political parties are asked to comment on the ACTA. Only 4 respond and just 2 of those seem to have a clue:

Elcomsoft uses two Nvidia GeForce GTX280’s to accelerate WPA and WPA2 WiFi protection cracking 100-fold:

Asus ships their ultra-small Eee Box desktop PC with a bonus virus on the Windows version. I'm wiping mine and installing Linux anyway:

Black Silicon absorbs more light in detectors making for more sensitive cameras and more efficient solar cells:

And finally. Paddington bear, the perenial children's favourite, turns 50. He's not done too bad for an orphan from Peru:

Vik :v) Diamond Age Solutions Ltd.

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