Thursday, November 6, 2008

06-Nov-2008 PM clippings


Microsoft to fight Free software with free software for small business startups. Your first hit is free...:

Google's Android phone OS gets root access via "circuitous route":

Vulnerability discovered in Adobe Reader 8. Patch and exploit details here. Uses an overflow in the JavaScript engine:

British music download sites band together to create a distinctive logo indicating that legit MP3s are available and are DRM free:

In Memoriam. Michael Crichton, author of "The Andromeda Strain," "Jurassic Park" and "ER" dies after a battle with cancer at 66:

Laptop accelerometers can be networked to form a large seismic monitoring system for earthquakes. Geonet@home?:

And finally. Taiwanese firefighters feeding a live rodent to a viper had a big surprise when they ended up with a well-fed mouse:

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