Thursday, November 20, 2008

20-Nov-2008 PM clippings


PC Magazine is to ditch the dead tree version and go completely digital as of the January 2009 edition:,2817,2335009,00.asp

Pirated Blu-ray discs, soon to be available at a back alley near you. Only 720p at the moment but I'm sure they'll do better:

Things got heated between Microsoft and HP when Microsoft dropped the requirements for "Vista Ready" PCs to suit Intel:

Radio New Zealand release their OGG and MP3 audio player javascript as Open Source software, and enlist the help of some blind testers:

Google's iPhone search applet, which lets people search the web by speaking at an iPhone apparently fails on British accents:

And finally. The Wooly Mammoth genome is sequenced, but needs a bit of tidying up before we can see them at the zoo:

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