Wednesday, January 7, 2009

07-Jan-2009 AM clippings


A look at Apple's new 17-inch MacBook Pro from Engadget: loose absolutely everything. Having relied on RAID 1 for "backup" they can only shut up shop & hide from angry bloggers:

Slashdot catches uop with New Zealand's "Guilt by Accusation" law and doesn't need much help in making our government a laughing stock:

Apple will end using DRM on its iTunes store, selling songs without copy protection:

A look at the code behind the 30GiB Microsoft Zune crashes experienced at the beginning of 2009, and how to do it right:

Probably unrelated to the above, but Microsoft is rumoured to be considering firing around 15% of the workforce around mid-January:

A review of the Microsoft 7 beta replacement for Vista:

All together now: "2009 will be the year of the Linux desktop":

FreeBSD Brings out release 7.1:

Honda advertise their new breed of hybrid cars using solar-powered billboards for illumination:

And finally. Xkcd bring you a handy guide to understanding the metric system. Excellent for educating American geeks:

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