Friday, February 6, 2009

06-Feb-2009 AM clippings


The UK introduces its first national ID cards since WWII, with data stored on a chip. However, the country has no readers for said chip:,3800010403,39391135,00.htm

Bill Gates releases - a swarm of mosquitoes. The idea was to raise awareness into the dangers of malaria:

A peer-support group is set up to help hackers deal with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder:

Just as well, because the NZ Government is ditching its $340 million Broadband Investment Fund:

India's "$10 laptop" turns out to neither be $10 or a laptop. It's a fancy USB stick:

A lightbulb that is in fact a screw-in Bluetooth speaker. Great for people with screw-in 110V sockets who like their music in the dark:

And finally. The personal jet pack is here - you don't need a licence and it is powered by water. Move over jetskis:

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