Thursday, February 26, 2009

26-Feb-2009 PM clippings


Norwegian Minister of Education. BÃ¥rd Vegar Solhjell suggests in his blog that non-commercial file sharing should be legal in Norway:

Microsoft sues TomTom over eight patents, including three related to the Linux kernel. Two seem to be relating to 8.3 filenames:

NZ Police ask for costings on a possible 111 TXT service and bulk message sending for emergencies:

Another unpatched vulnerability hits Microsoft Excel, allowing trojan injection on both Office 2007 and old XLS files:

Marvell Semiconductor starts shipping dev kits of wall-wart CPU units for around US$100. No word on if they support 220V yet:

The Asus Eee Top ET1602 is a desktop PC with a full touchscreen built in. No battery though, so you're tethered to the desk:

And finally. What happens if you line a tunnel with 41,000 LEDs? Well you can induce motion sickness pretty rapidly...:

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