Thursday, March 5, 2009

05-Mar-2009 PM clippings


A New Zealand website is forced to remove public domain works from their site because of S92C allegations from overseas companies:

Ireland and France are also having blackout days in protest against unfair legislation imposed on the internet by their governments:

Whether people are waking up to what governments are doing or it's becoming fashionable, internet activisim is spreading - to 2nd Life:

Microsoft Windows 7 is to have IE as an optional extra:

Red Hat sued by Software Tree, claiming a patent on exchanging data and commands between an object-oriented system & a relational system:

The Kindle ebook viewer is now available as an iPhone application, but no voice reader. Oh, and only in the US:

And finally. A number of gadgets designed to look like guns, including several that shouldn't. Ketchup revolver anyone?:

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