Wednesday, March 11, 2009

11-Mar-2009 PM clippings


Rumours that Microsoft's IE8 is the end of the line for their browsers, with a possible switch to WebKit or Gazelle renderer:

The Herald publishes a response to the RIANZ, asking for a reasonable copyright law instead of Section 92A on behalf of the artists:

Google indicates it might subsidise Linux-powered netbooks, and phone vendors already give away netbooks. Time for them to merge:

South Korea passes a law remarkably similar the New Zealand's copyright ammendments. What's with this global push?:

A call to regulate armed robots, from armed Predator drones through to Taser-equipped helicopters:

And finally. What to do if your finger gets severed? Replace it with a USB memory stick of course - holding Linux & "Freddy Got Fingered":

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