Wednesday, March 18, 2009

18-Mar-2009 AM clippings


Google weighs in against Section 92A of the Copyright Act:

Hackers get personal information from 6,000 Shell customers in New Zealand and Australia:

Intel threatens to take away AMD's licence to use their x86 technology, claiming Global Foundries is not an AMD subsidiary:

An RIAA victim nearly ends up in default because she thought the case against her was some kind of scam. She may well be right:

The Android mobile devices are now starting to compete with each other, with examples from HTC, Samsung, Nvidia, Sony & Archos:

The Arduino board gets a bigger, more expensive variant called the Arduino Mega. 128KiB Flash, 4KiB RAM, 36 digital I/O, 16 analogue:

And finally. The real reason why you must never leave young children alone with a pit bull:

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