Monday, April 6, 2009

06-Apr-2009 AM clippings


Firefox 3.0 finally outstrips IE7's market share in Europe, with 35% of the market vs. 34%. A thin margin, but one following a trend:

Deputy State Services Commissioner Laurence Millar resigns after "numerous irregularities" in NZ$7.5m of contracts given to Voco:

Review of IE8 concludes "... unless you're unhappy with the browser you're already using, there's no compelling reason to abandon it":

Debian adds the FeeBSD kernel to its "unstable" repository, on the road to Linux without the Linux kernel...:

A Melbourne University study finds workers who surf the web are more productive than those who don't - within reasonable limits:

While Android phones may be Open it appears the Apps Marketplace is not. A utility to connect your laptop to an Android phone is pulled:

And finally. 56 uses for the Perl of Real Life - duct tape:

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