Wednesday, April 22, 2009

22-Apr-2009 AM clippings


The BBC release their tech show R&D TV under the CC licence as a free download in multiple formats. Here's the OGG one:

Google launches Similar Images, which lets you find photos that look much like one you've found already. Sometimes:

The first netbooks powered by Google Android are spotted in the wild. 256MiB ARM box with 1GiB flash and a flippable screen for US$100:

With Windows 7 not yet complete, Microsoft starts the ball rolling on Windows 8:

Hacking and casual use of US Navy communications satellites is widespread in Brazil:

More accusations of cyber-spying are levelled at China by America, including access to the plans for the US Joint Strike Fighter:

Boston Dynamics is working with MIT on soft-bodied robots that leave a slime trail:

And finally. His Holiness The Pope is set to be the head of state of a country powered solely by renewable solar energy:

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