Thursday, May 7, 2009

07-May-2009 AM clippings


Vodafone calls for an injunction on Telecom's new 3G network for interference of signals. Says it is happy to service T'com users:

How many desktop Linux users are there? Net Applications' 1%? W3Counter's 2.16%? Practical Technology's AWStats 29.9%?

Microsoft almost done with its world-wide layoff of 5,000 employees:

On a slightly smaller scale, NZ ISP Orcon to cut 23 of the company's 144 staff:

UK-based Micro Focus to buy Borland for approximaely US$75 million in cash:

Some x86 processors won't be capable of running "XP Mode" on Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7 operating system:

Amazon to ship the Kindle DX ebook reader in the Northern summer. THis one has a 9.7" screen and 3.3GiB of storage:

Caustic launches a US$4,000 real-time raytracing processor card, essentially compatible with OpenGL. Uses a 100MHz FPGA and one DDR2:

And finally. Could we finally have detected the existence of magnetic monopoles? It's possible they may be the Dark Matter in the universe:

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