Monday, May 11, 2009

11-May-2009 PM clippings


The ONYAs award process for New Zealand's best websites and applications gets underway:

California's Governator plans to create Open Source digital textbooks for high school maths and science classes to cut costs:

Looks like the Microsoft Office ODF support is as weak as feared. The NZOSS seems to have a good round-up of tests and reviews:

The NZ Herald looks at the great HDMI cable scam, where highly-priced premium cables deliver the same content as budget ones:

When the RIAA said they were discontinuing lawsuits in August 2008 it seems they were in fact lying:

Google's Andriod OS for mobile phones is now at 1.5 - updates are being rolled out to T-Mobile users automagically. The improvements:

How to use electric cars and wifi to provide a free, open data and electricity network, saving users money. Companies will hate it:

And finally. Eight ways to boost your creativity. Perhaps after all that you can think ogf a ninth? Yes, beer is on the menu:

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