Monday, May 18, 2009

18-May-2009 PM clippings


The NZOSS calls for the Auditor-General to review the G2009 "All of Government" negotiations in progress with Microsoft:

NZ ISP Woosh finally makes it into the black, after getting a good wholesale deal for Telecom broadband:

E-book readers look set to go colour, with a demo being arranged for the 31st May. Flexible screens also coming, Q1 2010: is re-launched as a help site, with various competitive point aggregation schemes and prizes to encourage helpful gurus:

The practice of selling "extended warranties" is under attack, as a Dell user successfully claims 5 years as a reasonable working life:

And finally. It't true - man-flu really is worse than woman-flu, due to the ability of oestrogen to block the body's inflamatory response:

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