Thursday, July 2, 2009

02-Jul-2009 AM clippings


The New Zealand Land Cover Database (LCDB) is released. Free, and under a Creative Commons Attribution licence:

Canonical is working with Eucalyptus to create Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud Services; an internal compute cloud distro like EC2:

Firefox 3.5 weighs in at twice the speed of 3.0 and matching the speed of the original, unbloated, Google Chrome browser:,39029471,49302846,00.htm

The Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition package is reviewed. By itself. These should bee intersecting:

A US Department of Defense{sic} data glove is released to civilians. The Acceleglove is programmable in Java and costs a mere US$499:

And finally. The Mars rover Spirit takes a tip from Wall-e's ebook and does a spot of star gazing:

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