Wednesday, July 8, 2009

08-Jul-2009 AM clippings


Microsoft are allowing anyone to implement the ECMZ 334 and 335 specs covering cross-platform C# and CLI apps - even under the GPL:

The use of Snapper payment cards on Wellington busses leads to the discovery of a 1/2 million dollar theft by drivers:

SUSE 11 Linux takes off better than SUSE 10, though there seems to be some foot-dragging over KVM owing to Novells investment in Xen:

As OLED displays inch nearer to use in larger screens, Canadian researchers are picking colour schemes that minimise power use:

A new biodegradable resin is developed for 3D printers, allowing them to produce scaffolds for growing new replacment human organs on:

And finally. A useful transformer bot that converts from a shipping container to Blade Runner-esque restaurant in 90 seconds:

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