Monday, July 13, 2009

13-Jul-2009 PM clippings


The Section 92A Copyright Zombie Act is expected to raise its head this week. Very few have had input to it so little is known so far:

Telco insiders say that fibre to nodes is not a step on the way to fibre to the door, and question the NZ government's strategy:

Matt Hunt discusses the rapid bugfix cycle of Open software in comparison to proprietary fix/release cycles:

Orange to launch an LG touchscreen 3G wristphone with a camera, voice recognition, HSPDA, bluetooth and text-to-speech for TXTs:

A nice look at the Eee keyboard computer. Built-in screen where you would expect the numeric pad to be, HDMI output. Article in French:

And finally. Happy Birthday to the WWW, which is now 20 years old and over a trillion unique URLs strong. Thank you Tim Berners-Lee:

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