Thursday, August 6, 2009

06-Aug-2009 AM clippings


Google acquires On2, the company behind the development of the Ogg Theora codec, fuelling rumours of Google's support for the format:

The Nikon Coolpix S1000pj features a 12.1MP sensor and an LED projector that can produce a 40" image of your snapshots:

Some 2degrees customers have been getting other people's details when trying to apply for a 2degrees SIM card on their web site:

2degrees Themselves seem to have got a very good deal from Vodafone. NBR looks at some of the horse-trading behind the scenes:

OpenOffice can now ape the Windows 2007 "ribbon" interface - but opinion is divided over whether this is a good idea:

LinuxConf 2010 gets over 300 submissions for presentations:

DNA Logic is demonstrated that can solve simple deductions:

Why Apple's iPhone wants you dead at 75:

And finally. The Register takes a look at the excessive packaging used in IT sales, including a mouse strapped to a pallet:

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