Monday, August 24, 2009

24-Aug-2009 PM clippings


The G33k Show broadcasts a compendium of New Zealand's Maker and Crafter activities, from electroluminescent crochet to 3D printers:

Oracle gets given permission to buy Sun by the US Justice Deparment for a cool US$7.4 billion:

Microsoft patents the evolutionary tree; no prior art there eh? Yale Univerity fears multiplication table patents:

Younger kids don't need or want a fully-blown office package at school. They could use Abiword, or now there's Openoffice For Kids:

The Arduino microcontroller platform now has a pin-compatible big brother called Maple that runs the ARM CPU. Open Source too:

And finally. Suspicion grows that people with a higher body mass index have smaller wossnames, er, brains. Cause or effect?:

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