Wednesday, September 2, 2009

02-Sep-2009 AM clippings


NZ Telecom puts some TV shows on "Mobile TV" which is being offered free on their XT network until the end of November:

The Australian Defence Force's latest flight simulator runs on a Suse cluster of Opteron servers running OpenGL. It cost A$1.7 million:,defence-spends-17m-on-ultimate-linux-flight-simulator.aspx

1150 Free New Zealand ebooks available now, including the Edmonds iconic Cookery Book. 3rd edition:

Turnkey Linux offers a variety of specialised configurations based on Ubuntu and all available as a Live CD. Wordpress, wiki, MySql...:

Malware now available to record a Skype conversation and deposit it on a remote server for retrieval by the perp:,skype-trojan-can-log-voip-conversations.aspx

Another googlefail, but only 1 hour 45 mins this time:

Google might have more trouble with Germany, as the Germans oppose the Google/Authors Guild proposals:

Acer have caught the all-in-one low powered PC bug, and are releasing yet another model - the Veriton Z280G desktop PC.

Japan's RIBA robot for moving patients around gets a makeover including a teddybear head. Me, I find it kinda scary:

And finally. The technology behind breathalyzers is subverted to test the nostril hair-singing capabilities of flatulence:

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