Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09-Sep-2009 AM clippings


Computerworld runs an Open Source special; appropriate timing with Software freedom Day on the 20th. Shame they didn't mention it:

Were Microsoft trashing Linux in their training material given to Best Buy? Ars Technica have the slides, so judge for yourself:

Microsoft's security bulletin for September is out. 5 critical remote vulnerabilities:

A sneak preview of Firefox 4.0:

Data transfer by carrier pigeon looks to be faster than ADSL in South Africa. But the data dropout due to hawks is a killer:

Borderless screens are giving a little more space for stacking our multiple monitors. TVs get the tech first, with motion remotes:

Apitek pocket projectors now plug into the iPod without drivers, so you can play full-size video right out of your pocket:

And finally. Continuing with the last Clippings' pyrotechnic bent, Mythbusters make a 1,000,000 matchhead match bomb in an oil drum:

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