Monday, October 12, 2009

12-Oct-2009 AM clippings


Air New Zealnd's systems take a hit, possibly beacuse of a power failure. The truth will out:

In America, T-Mobile manages to lose almost all the data that users of the Microsoft/Danger system, urging users to keep phones charged:

Red Hat hosts an Asia-Pacific "boot camp" for teachers doing Open Source courses in institutes of higher learning. Based in Singapore:

Amazon drops the prices of their Kindle ebook readers and "goes global." Global doesn't include New Zealand, of course...:

South Koreans discover what happens when your country is a Microsoft monoculture.exe:

In Germany at least, illegal downloads seem to be far more profitable for artists than legal ones thanks to good ol' extortion:

And finally. An American wins the Golden Spurtle for porridge-making in Scotland, attended by 1,000 hungry Scots on World Porridge Day:

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