Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10-Mar-2010 AM clippings


The EU tables a bill to make ACTA negotiations transparent, put a ban on the "three strikes" model and no personal border searches:

The UK government "clarifies" a bill to stop people freely sharing their wifi. From neighbours to cafes - but not big companies:

A breakdown of Apple's patent lawsuit against HTC. This appears to be goading Google into supporting HTC, then attacking Google:

Nokia patents the use of shakeable rechargers in mobile phones:

A worthy deployment to Afghanistan; 3,700 OLPCs to teach the beleaguered kiddies with:

HTC Magic phones found to come pre-installed with Mariposa bot client. Some of the perps are arrested:

The Energizer Bunny pulls something magical out of the rabbit hole - a virus that is spread by an Energizer USB charger:

The US to drop its embargo on selected software to Iran, Cuba etc. The selected software is mostly social networking and e-mail stuff:

And finally. Cullinary investigators take on the Girl Guide Biscuit as a sub-standard batch shocks Wellington biscuit affectionados:

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