Thursday, April 1, 2010

01-Apr-2010 AM clippings


SSL CA Certificates may not be worth the paper they're printed on, as governments and CAs have subverted the system to allow spying:

The jury finds for Novell in the SCO vs Novell case. Now SCO have no leg to stand on vs Red Hat & IBM, so look likely to go down the tube:

Microsoft and Ford gang up to produce smart-charging electric cars. But do you want to have to buy Microsoft-compatible batteries?:

"Prefab" scans a computer's virtual screen to look for buttons, boxes etc and then overwrites them to change the app's apparent behaviour:

Royalties & cross-licencing sorted out for the OLPC/Pixel Qi screens that are daylight-readable and low-power. Coming to OEMs near you:

Google now blocked in China. No surprise, but good to see them making a stand against cnesorship. Who will be next?:

Seton Hill University of Pennsylvania will be locking every full-time student into an iPad:

And finally. Tweeting undewear to give notification to caregivers when their charges are a wee bit damp:

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