Thursday, April 22, 2010

22-Apr-2010 PM clippings


A bug in McAfee's antivirus program go into continuous reboot mode, perpetuated by automatic updates. Disruption is widespread:

The countries involved in the ACTA talks feel that perhaps now the time is right to release their hitherto secret negotiations:

ACTA Text here:

The NZ Computer Society comes out in support of the ban on software patents following a poll of its membership. So does InternetNZ:

US and UK Governments to make their funded research results available to everyone for free:

Adobe drops support for the iPhone after Apple decree that code must be written in "Objective-C, C++ or JavaScript":

Fab@Home release the second generation of their personal 3D fabricating machine. Simpler and easier to assemble:

And finally. A new capcha system that validates humans by getting them to read a resistor's colour bands:

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