Wednesday, May 12, 2010

12-May-2010 PM clippings


Sony issues an "upgrade" to the PS3 to prevent it running Linux and wipes out a whole series of PS3-based supercomputers:

Linux users will need a Microsoft Office bulk license to use Office Web Apps:

InternetNZ to host a series of seminars on the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing Amendment) Bill, to assist the Select Committee:

The independent game bundle with a set-your-own-price-tag nets US$1 million. 30% Goes to charity and 4 games will now go Open Source:

A review of the latest "Lucid Lynx" release of Ubuntu:

Mandriva, the Paris-based Linux distribution, runs short of cash and puts itself up for sale:

Vodafone's latest offer is the last straw for the Commerce Commission and mobile call termination rates will now be regulated:

3D Printers now printing with recycled glass:

And finally. The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation wants to sterilize men in developing countries by zapping their testes with ultrasound:

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