Thursday, May 20, 2010

20-May-2010 PM clippings


New Zealanders are the fourth less likely bunch to pirate software in the world - yet we still get charged 40% more:

The MPAA goes to war in Iraq - against the US military:

Google releases the VP8 codec as Open Source, using it in the WebM format specification. Chrome, Youtube and Firefox to support it:

Fighting crapware on new PCs. How vendors pay to have their trial crap put on your new PC to the detriment of its performance:

OLPC Laptops going to Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi. All children there to get one. Palestine deployment continues:

Looks like the new Chevy Volt car might have the Android OS. Makes sense. Like the Android handsets, Chevy's hate sharp corners:

At least one distributed, secure social networking project is underway. Could Facebook's days be numbered?:

And finally. How to propell baby at frightening speed along the pavement and get some fun out of it. Next, the babyhelmet:

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