Wednesday, June 23, 2010

23-Jun-2010 AM clippings


How crowd-sourced the analysis of MP's expenses:

Australian governement wants ISPs to log all a prisoner\\\\\\\citizen's websurfing and link it to their passport number:

Killacycle, the world's fastest electric motorcycle, to use FLOSS electronics & s/w from the NZ Tumanako group to drive a 1MW motor:

HTTPS Everywhere is a handly little utility that switches http web services to https automatically in Firefox, reducing snooping:

E-reader prices start to plummet, driven by cheaper hardware, greater demand, and the use of Open standards between devices:

Toshiba announces 128GB OEM NAND Flash modules, destined for mobiles, cameras, tablets, and ultimately USB sticks:

Free toolkit allows Android phones to converse with Arduino microcontroller kits:

And finally. Thinkgeek apologizes to the US Pork Board over its April 1st launch of canned unicorn meat, and offers discounts to readers:

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