Wednesday, July 14, 2010

14-Jul-2010 AM clippings


Labour plan to give kids free computers, in a plan sounding much like that implemented by OLPC. National balks, exaggerating the costs:

The heat is still on the software patents issue. Patent supporters say we should follow EU, opponents that we not emulate their mistake:

Brazil, meanwhile, tables a law that makes hindering fair use or public domain material (ie sticking DRM on it) illegal:

Hacking of iTunes accounts and mystery purchases to boost app store ratings seems to be widespread:

With PCs and now mobile phones all taking the same power supplies, attention moves to doign the same with laptop power bricks:,laptop-makers-push-for-a-universal-power-supply.aspx

And finally. Tea is found to be healthier to drink than water, and rehydrates as well as water does:

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