Wednesday, September 1, 2010

01-Sep-2010 AM clippings


Burning Man is the test zone for the OpenBTS cellular test site, offering up free GSM access to 50,000 people from a shoebox:

How the adoption of Open Source and Open Standards in UK local government stands to save UKP51m in Windsor & Maidenhead:

3D Printers start to drop in price and drop onto desktops, but what are they good for?:

NZICT vote in a new chair from Simpl, a company claiming "direct relationships with Microsoft in Redmond, MS UK, Canada, AsiaPac & NZ":

Google adds VoIP capabilities to gmail, allowing subscribers to call mobile and landlines in the US and UK. More to come:

LG Electronics have 19" flexible e-Paper screens, and will make them available in 2011 together with colour e-Paper:

And finally. Some say he'll be named in a new autobiography, others say the case will be heard in private. All we know is, he's The Stig:

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