Friday, December 12, 2008

12-Dec-2008 AM clippings


With HP launching a pre-configured desktop system, all the big PC vendors are now offering Linux desktop options. Just not in NZ:

CyberSource offers a reduced cost and Open system to the Australian government for school laptops, modelled on French USB stick system:

Cisco is taken to court by the Free Software Foundation for violating the GPL and LGPL in a number of Linksys-branded products:

Japanese researchers succeed in recreating images from brain activity patterns in humans:

Graphene transistors now clock at 26GHz. Not bad considering they were only invented last year and silicon took 40 years to do it:

And finally. A mutant, fire-breathing robot dog/motorcycle created by the Mutoid Waste Company roams the streets of London:

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James Rogers said...

ooOOooo Graphene transistors. I'd like to see just how fast the speed increases down the road.