Thursday, December 18, 2008

18-Dec-2008 AM clippings


The Creative Freedom Foundation starts its campaign against NZ's "Guilt by Accusation" law in the Copyright Amendment Act:

After 20 years of BrainShare conferences, Novell shuts them down. A reaction to the pace of technology, or the global credit crunch?:

Apple are told to end their exclusive iPhone deal in France:

Microsoft releases IE8 RC1 without fanfare, intended to be the final IE8 pre-release update:

Microsoft announce their patch to Internet Explorer that has caused a rash of security breaches recently, so update ASAP:

Firefox isn't completely immune either. Updates are released for 2.x and 3.x including phishing protection and better crash reporting:

A slimline atomic battery based on the decay of tritium is developed, sufficiently safe for use in medical implants:

And finally. An on-line game where one throws footwear at a well- known US president to the accompaniment of Arabic curses:

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