Friday, January 9, 2009

09-Jan-2009 PM clippings


US Unemployment claims mount to the point where they have crashed online application servers in 4 states:

Chinese-based computer manufacturere Lenovo, says it is to cut about 2,500 jobs worldwide, or 11% of its workforce:

The EFF's Patent Busting Project, having had 6 out of 6 patents reexamined so far, goes for Seer Systems' network-distributed audio:

With a 64GiB SD card on the way from Panasonic, and 128GiB coming, the SD Association announces SDXC - good for up to 2TiB @ 300Mib/s:,39101000,49300513,00.htm

Palm show off their new Pre mobile phone and the WebOS operating system that goes with it:

Can I interest Sir in a wafer-thin television? Samsung use an LCD panel with LED backlighting - not OLED which expects to be thinner:

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