Monday, January 12, 2009

12-Jan-2009 AM clippings


Before going to the US for the New Year rash of conferences, remember that New Zealanders now need to pre-apply for a short-term non-visa:

The number of Linux jobs seem to be accelerating at a far higher relative rate than Windows ones, with the boost starting Q1 2008:

Now we find out that the new Palm Pre doesn't actually run all those legacy Palm OS apps that people liked so much:

The SuperSpeed USB 3.0, will manage transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps. Manufacturers hate the idea of using common power leads for phones: /2009/01/07/usb-30-is-ten-times-faster-get-it-in-2010/

Mozilla bows to user demand in Russia and switches the default search engine for the Russian version to Yandex - and takes their money:

The new Linux 2.6.28's features discussed. These include the faster ext4 file system, graphics memory management, UWB and wireless USB:

The new NZ Police LED light bars turn out to make the police car's roof vibrate & need a redesign for promised aerodynamic improvements:

Plasma TVs soon to be banned in Europe because of their excessive energy consumption will ocntinue to be available in NZ says Govt.:

A thin film of vanadium oxide makes a good memristor, a potential candidate for fast, non-volatile memory. Density gives 1TiB SD's :

And finally. AFP and the BBC show photographs of chemical weapons being used by Israel on built-up areas in the Gaza Strip:

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