Wednesday, January 14, 2009

14-Jan-2009 PM clippings


NZ Telecom's Ferrit online shopping site disappears down a rabbit hole. Telecom says it will redeploy staff elsewhere internally:

The Internet Explorer market share continues to shrink, according to the latest figures from Market Share:

The New York Times takes in interest in Ubuntu and it's potential to make Open Source desktops ubiquitous:

Court battles rage over whether Pystar is allowed to resell legit OS X installations on its Mac clones:

Microsoft have taken the necessary steps to ensure a a good download experience of Winows 7 beta in the future. El Reg translates:

The Sony DSC-G3 gamera is a 10 megapixel device sporting WiFi and otspots. It also happens to run Linux:

And finally. Coil-free MRI scanners are now capable of resolving objects as small as a single virus particle - 4 nanometers:

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