Monday, January 26, 2009

26-Jan-2009 AM clippings


Mony Python's DVD sales go ballistic after a huge Monty Python video archive is made available for free on YouTube:

NZ's Copyright Act could result in an entire council being cut off from the internet if a library patron is accused of infringement:

It appears that the APRA's stance on Section 92A may not represent the views of the membership:

The New Zealand Open Source Society weighs in with their press release on Section 92A. It's not exactly supportive:

Microsoft shuts down ACES Studios, the part of the company responsible for their Flight Simulator software:,2817,2339520,00.asp

Not good news for the Zune either, with a 54% drop in sales:

A look at the new features in OpenOffice 3.1, including anti-aliased drawings, grammar and proper paragraph outline styles: to come to New Zealand again for 2010, this time it is in the capital, Wellington:

And finally. You are part of a community of one billion. Yes, the internet hit the mark with 41.3% users coming for from Asia-Pacifc:

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