Wednesday, January 28, 2009

28-Jan-2009 AM clippings


The New Zealand government's 100 days of action includes holidays and doing nothing about the unwanted "Guilt by Accusation" laws:

Latest Google rumour is that Google is going to by Skype:

Microsoft says that the EU is considering forcing it to ship alternative browsers like Firefox to give users a choice:

A lengthy review of Microsoft Internet Explorer V8 RC1:,2817,2328880,00.asp

Apple get their multi-touch patent which puts the new Palm Pre in their sights for another fine US-style legal war:

A New Zealander buys an MP3 player in an Oklahoma thrift shop and finds it loaded with unusual records - US soldier's service records:

Intel build a thin-film thermoelectric cooler onto chips so that only specific parts are chilled, saving power:

A review of Western Digital's new 2.0TiB 3.5" SATAhard drive:

Fraunhofer researcher Frank Dimroth produces a record-breaking 41.1% efficient multi-junction solar cell:

And finally. Latest research shows that older people can fight Alzheimers by having a small toke of wossname in the morning:

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