Thursday, February 12, 2009

12-Feb-2009 AM clippings


Microsoft is awarded its 10,000th patent, apparently a small-scale reinvention of geotagging:

NZ Government reportedly to make electric cars exempt from road user charges to increase adoption:

The new NZ Government broadband scheme may take 10 years to roll out fibre to much of New Zealand:

The Authors Guild in the US claim that by buying an e-book you do not get the right to read the book out aloud. Nor does your Kindle:

Did Google remove multi-touch to please Apple? But Android is Open Source, and the independent coders are putting it back in:

Rubik's Cube - made from 6 touchscreens:

And finally. If you're going to eat an endangered species, don't put the barbie photos and gory details up on Facebook:

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