Friday, February 13, 2009

13-Feb-2009 AM clippings


United Future joins those calling for the repeal of NZ's Section 92A "guilt by accusation" laws, calling the legislation "unfair":,1108,

Palm kills off PalmOS, hoping that Pre's WebOS is up to the job of replacing the venerable interface:

Microsoft looks set to launch Windows 7 in 2009, but won't commit to it. Free upgrades from Vista look likely:

A US satellite from the Iridium communications network collides with a defunct Russian communications relay satellite making much debris:

In-flight WiFi now free while in beta on Southwest Airlines. Air NZ still saying you can't use WiFi in flight or plane might crash: flight-wi%20fi-free-while-in-beta

There are now estimated to be 4 billion connected mobile phones on the planet, 6 billion expected by 2013. World population is 6.7:

And finally. Happy Birthday to Charles Darwin, who would have been 200 had not evolutionary pressures got the better of him:

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