Tuesday, February 17, 2009

17-Feb-2009 PM clippings


An Internet Blackout campaign to highlight the call for reform of Section 92A of the Copyright Act spreads like wildfire:
http://internetblackout.com/ http://computerworld.co.nz/news.nsf/news/401475B44FE777E1CC25755F0069146C http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PO0902/S00171.htm

IBM Said to be moving all its customer-facing jobs out of the US to cheaper places like Brazil, China and India:

Computer models used by IPCC scientists have severely underestimated the rate of climate change:

The EU is joining China in a push to require common charging and headphone connectors for mobile phones to cut wastage:

Las Vegas goes shy on mobile phones as a card-counting application turns up on iPhones:

Diamond is now no longer thought to be the hardest natural substance but they're having trouble finding enough lonsdaleite to test:

And finally. Now VHS players are virtually obsolete, here is how to turn your old deck into a toaster that stamps "VHS" on the toast:

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