Wednesday, February 18, 2009

18-Feb-2009 PM clippings


Section 92A protestors arrange a public demostration at parliament and distribute an explanatory song to all NZ radio stations:

Microsoft to try to push IE8 onto Vista and XP machines by March, and concerns that it may be optimised for the presentation of adverts:

How to write a "Linux" virus. Looks like the desktop icon format used in KDE and GNOME (technically not Linux) is pretty vulnerable:

3D Printers now used to print out stop-frame animated characters for movies like Coraline. CAD/CAM convenience, old-school feel:

Batteries with their own wrap-around solar panels to keep them trickle-charging on your desk. In daylight, anyway:

Ideas for a gadget that changes functionality depending on the way you hold it:

And finally. Many Sci-fi scenarios have humans battling it out with robots, but few do so with rock-paper-scissors like BERTI does:

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