Thursday, February 19, 2009

19-Feb-2009 AM clippings


Kiwis march on Parliament at noon on Thursday to deliver a petition against Section 92A, bearing black placards and CDs of free music:

While NZ waits for the Government to decide on the future of its 5.2Mbps max broadband, Oz ups its wireless broadband to 14.4Mbps:

The NZ Labour Party admits that the new Copyright Act is not going to plan and wants to be proactive in providing guidelines:

The Register reports on tests showing the IE8 release candidate is having problems rendering a large number of popular websites:

Skype and Nokia join forces to put the Skype VoIP app on Nokia smartphones and internet appliances:

And finally. The US Office of Naval Research awards funding for an electromagnetic railgun with a 200 mile range and Mach 5 at impact:

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