Tuesday, March 24, 2009

24-Mar-2009 AM clippings


The "Guilt by accusation" Copyright Act Section 92A is thrown out, and Justice Minister Simon Power will draft a replacement:

1/4 the UK govt's databases are found to be illegal. "[The] database state has become a financial, ethical & administrative disaster":

Microsoft sets up a website of web apps called The Web App Gallery. Applications are written in .NET and PHP:

Ubuntu 7.10, the "Gutsy Gibbon" release, reaches its end-of-life next month. It's more than 18 months old & upgrade to 8.04 is recommended:

"Skype for SIP" aims to simplify migration by enabling its VoIP to be used over standard PBX setups supporting Session Initiation Protocol:

Researchers demonstrate how to compromise a PC by infecting the BIOS itself, so no amount of hard disk wiping will remove the virus:

And finally. How electric cars could actually help power companies distribute electricity efficiently over the grid in New Zealand:

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